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Blog Trends

Here is an interesting trend about blog for the last three years. Obviously, blogs hasn’t reached it’s tipping point yet, but it is a matter of time. The fundamental concept behind blogs enabling individuals to reach millions of audience is very powerful thing, it is an expression of freedom and democracy. So, why hasn’t it been a norm yet? Well for one, people are afraid to expose themselves. There are more people who are introvert than extrovert. So, introverts (like me) are more protective of their identity.

Introvert and Extrovert

Before I was converted by the famous Web 2.0 preacher – Kevin Leversee, I have no digital identity. I am afraid of posting my life story online, besides I see no reason to do so. What will I gain if I blog? nothing, except to waste a few minutes talking about myself. As introvert, I am naturally shy to expose myself. But I later realized that blog is not about me… its about my career, my beliefs, my principle. Its not about what I will gain, but what I am losing. I am losing my digital identity and I need to build one quickly if I’m to pursue my career. I can share my knowledge, experience and opinions. I am building a digital identity of me and I don’t want to lose this opportunity.

Blogging is a very powerful thing… with the audience within your reach, you can influence so many people’s opinions and beliefs. Well, I guess there is something to gain after all. With blog comes great power, with great power comes great responsibity. If this power is abused, we will reach the death of blog immediately. When email reached its tipping point, spammers get into business and killed email marketing campaigns. When we start seeing blogs selling viagra everywhere… it has then reached the tipping point and you will see the death of blog… sad. But then again, the good will always prevail… so someone will come to the rescue blogs by organizing contents and providing credibility.

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