This Gamification Concept Works!

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When rolling out a system for a large enterprises (or government agency) with more than one thousand users and geographically dispersed in hundreds of locations, keeping tab of usage and ensuring consistency can be a daunting task. Based on experience, enforcing data fields as required does not always work. Some data are not always available, thus making them required will render the system useless.

So, how can you encourage users to populate data fields as complete as possible?

Try the gamification concept which we refer to as “data completeness” – which is actually patterned after Linked-In’s profile completeness.

This is one of the latest feature we added to our product – Attaché. This feature keeps track of the completeness of data inputted on a case profile and assign a percent complete based on the data entries.

Case Data Completeness

There are 2 key elements shown from the image above. First is the percentage value with maximum of 100% and second is the list of suggestions to increase the percent completeness. Other key elements in implementing this feature includes:

  • Ability to roll-up the percentage to per user, per group level so that supervisors and managers can see who provides more complete information.
  • Ability to customize the rules for computing the percentage because different rules can be used depending on the type and status of the record. For example, a record mark as “closed” should have the exit data.

Here are some of the user’s feedback after rolling out this feature:

  • I like it because it provide suggestions how to increase the percent complete.
  • I want all cases (records) with me to reach 100% complete all the time.
  • Great! This makes everyone fill-in the same level of data completeness on all our cases.

Clearly, this feature works great because it does not enforce rather it encourages.

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