The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Automation

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With the widespread integration of Automation and Artificial Intelligence on different fields, productivity on labor works has greatly increased. Opportunities, efficiency, security & safety are some of the things that these evolving and expanding technology offers. Let us understand the difference of Artificial Intelligence and Automation and how it is helping the human lives.


Ideyatech Teams up with MonstarLab from Japan

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Japanese mobile and web application development firm MonstarLab has officially announced its partnership with Ideyatech as part of its strategy of expanding its development bases in Asia. As a partner company, Ideyatech will focus on building and be growing the enterprise applications space using Java technologies. The partnership benefits both companies as Ideyatech’s English-speaking software read more…



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You can use the SikuliX API as a standard Java library in your program. This is because SikuliX’s core is written in Java. Hence, this can be done to any of the Java-aware scripting environment where you write your scripts in other IDE’s and run them using the respective runtime supports accordingly. SikuliX is convenient in testing applications or web pages. Furthermore, it is useful when you are creating usage documentation or training materials.


Choosing a Good DMS (Document Management System)

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DMS focuses on storing documents and produce a paperless environment in organizations. With DMS, your staff will no longer spend time finding, printing, filing, and copying documents. Some common functions of Document Management System include capturing paper documents (receipts, reports, contracts etc.), monitoring or tracking documents being accessed, restricting access to high-level documents, indexing, retrieving, and editing.